Orkimsan Kimya San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

ORKIMSAN KIMYA SANAYI TICARET LTD (ORKIMSAN), founded in 1994, started with procurement of the technical equipments for chemical, petro-chemical, power generation plants and ship building sector. In the following years, the company began expanding its product range and entered the high pressure, highpurity and explosive compressible, scientific and industrial gas field.

ORKIMSAN is the "Leader by Design" of high and low pressure equipments systems , manifolds, pressure reducing stations and fluid/gas systems for critical, demanding applications

ORKIMSAN has an extensive, growing installed base in excess of lots of special design and systems on, Aircraft Carriers, Navy Surface Ships and Gas Control systems for Rocket Launch pad(s) and LNG-CNG Gas Supply System .

ORKIMSAN design expertise, 3D modelling, and extensive proven experience in design and manufacturing of fluid/gas flow components and systems with special capabilities in high-pressure provide the foundation for unique, critical products, which require demanding applications and performance in petrochemical, nuclear, space industry, and our base-Navy Submarines and Surface Ships.

The ORKIMSAN Quality System for valves and reducing stations meets military, nuclear and non nuclear, as well as ANSI and ASTM quality requirement and ISO-9001 certifications. This was achieved thanks to a continuous attention to market evolution and a significant technological research

At the end of the 90s, ORKIMSAN realized that gas companies and petroleum companies were in search of new technologies and alternative fuel systems. So the company started designing and installing CNG & L-CNG filling facilities. A milestone was reached in 2005,when the first high flow L-CNG filling station equipped with palletized ramps was installed in Turkey.

In 2006, in order to catch the challenges coming from the market, ORKIMSAN acquired technology and know-how for the design and production H2 systems and world wide high pressure filling systems according the international standards ( API, AGA, NFPA, CGA, EPA )

The new company target is to enhance the compressed gas systems range in order to:
1. Consolidate the leadership in the industrial and scientific gas business by entering in the new emerging geographical areas
2. Acquire market shares in theFuelgasbusiness, which is growing rapidly worldwide thanks to its great potentialities as alternative fuel.

Today the company owns a exclusive distributorshipness completerange of instrumentation valves and fittings, pressure regulators, high pressure compressors, H2 production system, accredit laboratory gas distribution systems for industrial, scientific and fuelgases, as well as other related components for all the applications.

Orkimsan continious to develop its project range and product portfolio according to companies long-term plans and with a dynamic and qualified engineer, technician cast it provides customers the high quality products without compromising.

Since the establishment Orkimsan signed the state of tailor-made projets, products and systems determining concept and configuration design for pressured air systems of the military and commercial ships according to NATO standarts and international shipbuilding class of DNV, Llyods, GL, BV, NK, ABS, and KR.

For more than 13 years together with the TURKISH NAVY MILGEM CORVETTE PROJECTS ORKIMSAN suplied items and products have been fitted in surface and submarine fleets throughout the world - providing engineering excellence in all areas of design, production, and reliability. Key to our success in this field has been the unique development of the tailor-made systems concept.

Material selection is based upon many years of product development and application - taking into account temperature, corrosive factors, wear, galling and strengths required. Full traceability of all the component parts is offered, along with documentary evidence to international recognised standards on all products.

Twentytwo years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of these specialist products places the company firmly in the forefront of current thinking, and ready to meet the exacting standards demanded by the industry at large.

Offshore Oil & Gas / Petrochemical
In supplying the offshore, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries world wide, ORKIMSAN has supplied and developed a range of pressure reducing and back pressure valves to satisfy the needs of the most discerning customer.Tailor -made design of Orkimsan and our partners products are well suited for high flow applications in various pressure ranges where close accurate control of downstream pressure is required.

Manufactured in several different material types to suit all environmental conditions, and fitted with a range of seats and seals to ensure compatibility to the most onerous of media, these fittings and valves provide the user with the flexibility of application demanded by modern processes.

ORKIMSAN Applications
Primary Control Air Systems
Single & Multi Gas Bottle Filling Plants
Helium Loading System For Rocket
Nitrogen Loading System For Rocket
Nitrogen service carts for Air vehicles
Portable Nitrogen charging systems up to 6000 psi
Special equipment for checking pressures in Planes
Special leakage test systems for airplane fuel tanks
Torpedo Tube Weapons Handling Hydraulic Systems
HP Direct & Emergency Blow Systems
Starting air for Diesel Start
Starting air for Turbine Start
Mix gas systems and panels for deep sea diving sytems
HP Air System
Workshop Air
Bottle filling systems
Dive Air Panels
Diving System - Breathing air supply to diving bell
Hydrogen Manufacturing
Oxygen Supply Valves for Diving Industry
CNG & L-CNG stations in Turkey and worldwide
Power plant H2 cooling systems
FPI systems for aircrafts

High Quality and Precious Material procurement for all Industr

Our Values

Our values are a declaration of our core beliefs and the defining features of our culture that breeds achievement. Our values express who we are and what we stand for. They always guide us in our behaviours, at work and elsewhere. They reflect the real character of ORKIMSAN and its people.

  • We listen, understand and respond
  • We agree clear expectations
  • We aspire to consistent excellence
  • We invest in our people
  • We embrace diversity and inclusion
  • We connect globally as one team
  • We put safety first
  • We act ethically and with integrity
  • We care about our communities

Our Vision

We have a clear vision which encompasses our ambitions for the future. It describes our true potential and provides inspiration for us all in our daily work. Our vision is to be the most trusted partner for our customers by consistently delivering excellence-bringing together the knowledge, expertise and skills of our people from the across our global network


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